Ross McWilliam

BA Hons, MSc, PGCE, LCSP, CMI Level 7

As a former teacher of Physical Education, Computing, and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, as well as working in a host of other non-educational positions, including Commercial Manager at Preston North End FC, Ross has a passion for the development of the self.

He believes all young people and established professionals need a platform of belief, specific skills and supported guidance upon which to build future achievements, be they academic or otherwise. This passion is borne out by his own physical and emotional health challenges of face and body acne scarring, knee and ankle reconstruction, even panic attacks and associated long term pain disorders. Academically, Ross also failed to gain any qualifications at school, but went on to pass every single exam since that age! These experiences have given him a clear insight into the development of young people and professionals in the world of high expectations and a results based society.

Ross is a firm believer that everyone can reach their potential in life by finding their talents. When you find one talent, you generally find another nearby – it’s just a case of working hard and smart. Ross works with groups on specific interventions, based around Self-Esteem, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligent Confidence, Wellbeing & Mental Health, Communication and Presentation Skills, Team Building and Performance Techniques.

He has a passion for finding people’s talents, and ultimately links learning towards Performance Skills. He can also deliver to larger groups of over 500, with a combination of Keynote Speaking and active learning about being “The Best Version of You!”  He has worked with over 300,000 children, young professionals and established professionals.

He has published eight books on mindset, writes regularly for various educational and performance journals and has been described by Professor Barry Hymer as a “Classic Growth Mindset” In his quest for more applied knowledge, he is undertaking his Doctorate at age 56!

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“Thoroughly enjoyed the session today Ross. I have a short attention span for poor speakers - you are a long way from fitting into that category! Thank you for the insight.” Alison Driver Chartered MCIPD

“RMW Associates has delivered bespoke training to many of our students.  Prefect Training, Preparation for Leadership and the Passport to Exam Success Programme focusing on revision, nerve calming and examination preparation, were expertly prepared and delivered in an interactive, engaging way.  Students loved it and all would recommend the day for others!" Karen Briggs Assistant Headteacher, Southlands High

“I was really inspired by what you did at my college today, everything you talked about gave me so much more confidence in myself. Now I feel like anyone can achieve their dreams if they try hard enough, before I never really had a ‘mindset’ if you like, just for someone to come in and change your whole dynamics and the way you think within one day is amazing. Everything I thought in the past just doesn’t matter now because you have made me believe in myself and gain a little more confidence than I had this morning when I walked into that session! For the first time in a long time I actually engaged in something and felt like it changed the way I think, I’m a very easily distracted, shy person but the session you have given today really took to my mind and got me thinking and I now know what I need to do to be successful! I just wanted to say thank you really. You are motivational and inspirational.” Anonymous, West Lancashire College