Ross has over 30 years educational experience of teaching at all levels of educational entry, delivering across three countries, in over 500 educational institutions, and to date, has reached over 300,000 pupils, teachers, parents and other professional educators.

His key messages are that everyone can improve and be their ‘best version’ – it’s never too late, as Ross himself is constantly proving! From failing all his qualifications at age 16, Ross has passed every exam he has taken since this age, has written eight published books on mindset, writes regularly for several educational magazines and Ross is currently working on his Doctorate at age 56! He has been described by leading academic Professor Barry Hymer as a “Classic Growth Mindset”

Ross also believes that for any training to be effective, the learner must be able to engage with the trainer. Ross achieves this with his blend of entertainment, humour and his anecdotal ‘observations on life’ messages.

His areas of expertise for children, staff CPD and education professionals are:

  • Memory Techniques
  • Exam Skills
  • Nerve Calming Techniques
  • Resilience Development
  • Personal Belief Systems
  • Starter & Smarter Emotional Confidence
  • Growth Mindsets
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Behaviour Management
  • Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring and Effective Communications
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"I'd highly recommend him. He has some good and original material and is more importantly great with the kids. He treats them as adults and finds a way to relate to them. IT really has had an effect. With our focus group I did a survey to see what has helped them prepared for their GCSEs and every single one said that Ross had a positive effect on them and this was a group of about 30 pupils! He is very flexible too and will gladly change the sessions to fit in with you for either key stage 3 or 4. He is also really willing to work with you to either organise or run the sessions. We are expecting our best results for 4 years in Maths this year and whilst we have done lots of other things, Ross needs to get some credit for this too.” Dan Lin Head of Year Brownedge St Marys HS, Preston

"Our school has spent the last two days with Ross, focusing on our schools interaction with parents and also how we approach our ‘gifted and talented’ students. Ross facilitated and generated some really interesting discussion whilst always maintaining our schools needs and priority at it’s very core. This has really helped to move our thinking on. Thanks Ross." Hayley Walker Head Teacher Timbertree Primary Birmingham

"Thank you for your input yesterday. I am sure staff are now more aware of identifying the more able child and have strategies to support them." Coral Campion Deputy Head Beech Hill Primary Luton