Ross has over 30 years educational experience of teaching at all levels of educational entry, delivering across three countries, in over 500 educational institutions, and to date, has reached over 300,000 pupils, teachers, parents and other professional educators.

Ross works with schools, colleges and universities along with educational organisations such as the National Citizenship Service ICAEW, Chartered Management Institute, Professional Football Clubs Burnley, Blackpool, Accrington Stanley and Blackburn Rovers where he helps shape the future wellbeing and careers of young adults. As a freelance speaker and author, he also works with national educational training providers such as Osiris Educational and Creative Education and delivers nationwide and occasionally overseas.

Many young professionals will pass their qualifications, yet some don’t seem to be able to either get employment, or are not as effective as they could be in the workplace. Perhaps, they have reached their ‘professional ceiling’ way too soon? Ross has an ability to engage with young people, is able to quickly understand their personal and professional challenges, and is then able to offer bespoke learning methods that work.

His areas of expertise for young professionals and education professionals are:

  • Communication and Performance Techniques
  • Starter and Advanced Emotional Confidence
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Body Language Communication
  • Interview Techniques
  • Advanced Growth Mindsets
  • Nerve Calming and Performance Enhancement Techniques
  • Goal Setting and Visualisation
  • Professional Profiling
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